The Bloom and the Seed


The first frost warning has passed
And still our flowers bloom
The ones we planted together
Purple and yellow and pink…
Deep green foliage
Mingled with white baby’s breath…
Pale pink honeysuckle and purple Lilacs and Rhododendron.
The flowers that we planted
Years ago…
Before it all changed
They are still open
Oblivious to the cold air

Not like me

They kept right on blooming
Even though you weren’t here
Like they didn’t notice…
Didn’t curl into themselves
Like me.
They just spread themselves out
In front of the sun as if nothing had happened
As if death was a part of life.

I took great care to
Watch them grow and open
While I furrowed deeper into myself
Creating my own cave
My reprieve
Where no light could pierce
Not so much afraid
As despondent…

I didn’t care if I saw the sun or not

But, the flowers…
They continued to grow
Even as I wrapped tighter about myself
Even though I didn’t tend to them…

When I occasionally uncurled
It was the flowers that made me rise….
Them that made me at least look out the window
At the sun….

Now, here it is, early fall
Their hour is about to end
The petals will eventually fall
Their color disappear
Turn to brown and decay
Some will go to seed

But…they will return
The honeysuckle sweetening the air
The freshness of a baby’s breath adorning a new season…
New, yet, oddly familiar

Your memory carried along with them
A lasting impression of joy.

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