The Insatiable Wind

storm pic

The storm churned up the all this debris
The wind was inconsolable
Its appetite… Insatiable
In its aftermath…
Limbs of trees
Leaves strewn across the yard
Screen doors torn from their hinges
Whole trees lying horizontal
Nature spit about like vomit…
With hundreds of years of history
Dead and unresponsive
Dried up, like the roots of the Oak, upturned
The rings in their trunk,
the only evidence of their legacy.
Otherwise, just stories of endings… everywhere…

I didn’t want to see it so
But there it was…
Like a damn fist to my face…
Like someone cold cocked me
Clocked me… with a round house to the nose!
Knocked me out for a good year…
I couldn’t comprehend…

But really….
….it was a beautiful summer’s day
Mid- afternoon
4:10 pm on a Wednesday
That was the exact time you left…
The day the tree was thrown helter skelter….
And nature’s stomach churned and hurled
and let out a giant gasp of repulsion and…
And our lives changed
And all the history… the years and memories
Were turned upright
.. all at once…
Just like that!

Devastation visited us… that day.. .
That beautiful July afternoon…

All the ambulances
The fire trucks
Police sirens
All the wreckage
Bumpers in the ditch
Glass on the road
Fenders, rear-view mirrors
You… lying in the road….
Your beautiful life.. Lying there… ending
Like a fender or a broken piece of glass…
So close to home…
So close to Love

… Then the aftermath of the storm
The debris
The loss
The upheaval
The roots…
… But the aftermath was more vast
More extensive than we could know

There was confusion
.. And panic
And wind blowing
It wouldn’t stop blowing
Huge gusts of wind… too forceful to understand
Too powerful to stop
People not knowing where to go…
Where to go….
…From absolute darkness?

And the wind kept blowing
With such force…
It was inconsolable…

Many years later,
There did bloom there
Beautiful flowers….
Of every color under the rainbow…
Like a fountain bubbling your name…
Lilly Beth… Lilly Beth
… and
It whispered…
with the insatiable wind…

From Mom

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