Secret Society of Ferns

You spread yourself
Across the woodland floor.

A colony of answers.
A secret society tucked
In the woods,
born of spores
that were born of spores
born millions of years ago.
Your seed floating from woodland and swamp
Through epochs and eras,
across continents now divided
By water and war.

You are a living fossil.
Does your DNA hold memory?
Do you remember when the long neck
Brontosaurus bent his graceful neck to consume you?
Did you weep when his children died
Or do you just observe,
Like the moon watching and knowing?

I feel your secrets
As I walk among you and
Smell the musty leaves and
gnarled trees that bore them.
They have their secrets too.
Here, in the quiet, I hear you:

“Sssshh, my love,
my secrets,
move within me,
float around me,
around you,
lite upon your skin
As you brush against me.
You feel the answers
As you walk among us.
You know the secrets.
Yet you come here to remember
And to forget.”

“You, too, will survive this world
And continue as the dinosaurs
And the Krakens have
Absorbed by the earth
Feeding me and my kind.
You will become me
And I you
And our bodies will mix in this gully or the next
The spirits of our grandparents and children will blend with ours.
You will break through this hard earth again
And again,
As I have.”

“Listen, there is more to tell.
~When you return, beloved,
We will speak again.”

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