Swimming Forward…After

I have survived tragic loss, and yet I feel joy .

I am a mother who lost her 15 year old daughter to a tragic car accident,  who is only now, after four years, living again. That is what this blog is about, feeling joy again.

This blog is not about the trauma and the grief.  Although millions of volumes could be written on the topics, it still would not scratch the surface of the subjects, and I won’t even try.

I want to write about surviving. It has taken me four excruciating years to even begin to participate in life again. I want people to know they WILL feel happiness again. I really didn’t think it was possible. I thought surely, I would die… but, I did not. I wanted to die.. for many years, but I did not. I prayed to died, but I did not. As I don’t believe it is up to us, when we die, I just kept hanging around… and here I am…living again,  feeling happiness… again.

This blog is for me and all the other folks out there who are surviving after a monumental loss.

I’m not here to give advice or preach. I have no political or religious platform. I am here to share a few things that I am doing that excite me… and maybe, a few memories of what got me through the early day.. but, it is, mostly, about today.. and swimming forward.. into the big unknown we call life… it is like an uncharted map… and it is lonely and so damn frightening.

This blog will be about simple daily life. The simple tasks… the daily happenings.. that helped, and are still helping me get through. I hope it is of benefit to you and to myself as well as we continue to SWIM FORWARD. Fins Up!

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