Thyme Alone on the Hill

It’s 24 degrees outside. The snow is falling, and I have meatball and chicken broth soup slow cooking in my little country home. I can smell the onions and garlic, the carrots and celery, the chicken broth and thyme. I’m totally alone, and I’m happy. I have a beer in my hand, a cigarette burning…


Welcome to “The Family!” It’s Italian Sausage with a side of hate in “The Most Trumpian Place in America” this July 4th.

It’s the 4th of July, and I’m making Italian Sausage and Penne Pasta in a town that is known as, “The Most Trumpian Town in America.” About 8 months ago, during the 2016 US Presidential Election, I found out that, I, like many other West Virginians have Italian ancestry. I took an DNA tests and…

Secret Society of Ferns

You spread yourself Across the woodland floor. A colony of answers. A secret society tucked In the woods, born of spores that were born of spores born millions of years ago. Your seed floating from woodland and swamp Through epochs and eras, across continents now divided By water and war. You are a living fossil….