I thought, “Ok, this is the moment. You are going to die. You know everyone dies, and this is your time.” I felt a surge of fear that is hard to describe. It was panic. Disappointment washed over me, and I thought, “I didn’t think it would be today. I’m only 47.” My conscious mind, my inner voice, was still working, and asked, “Why are you afraid? You believe. You know you will go on. You can see Abby again…”


Going Wild

The older I get, the more I curl into nature, like a song bird in the hollow of a tree, feeling every gust of wind, yet always prepared to avert danger.  It’s as if I’m already becoming part of the earth, in spirit, if not, in fact.  Yet, I’m not decomposing.  It’s quite the opposite;…

The Blue Hole… West Virginia and The Opiate Epidemic

When I was a child I would go to my favorite swimming hole, a deep spot in the Sago River not far from my house in a small town in West Virginia. We called it the Blue Hole. I was a swimmer by nature. My parent’s swore I was born with gills.I could always find the water, and there…